Chair and Barn

I found this while out walking the back streets of a nearby town. I took a quick snapshot with the iPhone camera, but when I got home decided that the image deserved better. I went back the next day with my D300 and tripod to get a better photo.


Another unplanned photo. Betsy and I were hiking in Yellowstone, on our way to one of the natural thermal features. Even though it was 20 years after the fire that had razed much of the park, there were still huge sections of dead trees. As we approached the ‘Painted Pots’ area, we walked through an […]

Fog and Pond

I’ve got to confess… I do ‘Photoshop’ images from time to time. Most of the time, I just use the program as part of my work flow to do things like adjusting color/contrast, cropping, resizing etc, but my dirty little secret is that I sometimes do much more.


Why do photographers love decay so much? I know it is prominent in quite a few of my images. Maybe one reason is that it adds so much character to an image. Rust, stains, signs of wear all make any photo so much more interesting.

Winter Farm

I lucked out with this photograph. I stopped here on a whim to take a photo of the farm in the snowstorm (if you look carefully at the full-size image you can see snowflakes falling). I don’t think I really ‘saw


I was driving past this store and glance over to see this man working on the ‘Swirl’ logo. My first thought was “I’ll have to come back and take a picture of that” but then quickly realized that it would be SO much better with him in the photo. Fortunately, I had all of my […]


Leaves in Stream

I have a block regarding foliage photos. Every time Fall comes around, I know that being in Vermont I should be looking for the perfect Fall scene. Rustic villages, colorful landscapes… But I just can’t do it. Maybe I’m too close to it, or there is too much pressure to find the ‘perfect’ foliage photograph. […]

Flowers and Weeds

What is a flower, and what is a weed? I’ve always had a problem with this question. We are supposed to like some things because of how they’ve been classified, while other things should be pulled up by the roots and destroyed on sight.

Through the Fence

On his own, this guy wasn’t very photogenic (though I do like the weathering and staining of the cement), but as soon as I saw that he’d been moved and now appeared to be gazing through the fence at the freedom beyond, the image became interesting. Without intending to, I appear to have collected several […]

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