May, 2012

A few things I’ve been playing with this month. (click photos for a larger view) Couldn’t resist taking this because of the perfect evening Sunlight.   Field with sheep, Patch rd., Westminster VT   Whetstone brook, Brattleboro. This is a hand-held snapshot in low light at a bad angle (perspective corrected in Photoshop). I want […]

Spring of 2012

I’ve stopped to photograph this barn a few times before, but haven’t quite gotten the definitive photo of it yet. This time I concentrated on one wall and the cupalo instead of the entire barn. I’d still like to go down some day (or several days) with the freedom to explore the whole thing. This […]

Hiking in Athens

Evening light in Brattleboro


Found this while hiking in the woods on a 25 degree day. Puddles and small areas of still water in the swamp were just starting to ice over. The low sunlight hit this at the perfect angle to show off every detail. Canon G12 handheld at ISO800, photoshop, B&W conversion with Nik Silver Effex pro.

December, 2011

Out and about in December… Toys on a fireplace mantle. The color was just too much, so I converted it to B&W and added some file grain. Canon G12, Photoshop, Nik Silver Efex. Found this deep in the woods on a hike. Canon G12, Photoshop, Nik Color Efex.

Three Skies

I was out a while ago just driving around looking for a photo. Not much came of it, but when I got back and was sorting the images in Photoshop, I noticed that these three had very interesting skies.

Low Tide on the Connecticut

After Irene, water was let out of the Vernon hydro dam for repairs. The water in the Connecticut River around Brattleboro dropped further than I’ve seen it in my life. I walked out onto the mid where the island used to be for these photos.. Maybe the first person to have stood there for 100 […]

Saxtons River Chili Cook-off

We went to the Saxton’s River Chili Cook-off on October 22nd. I didn’t get any photos of the event itself, but found some good subjects in a few of the kids there serving the Chili. They all looked so sincere working at some of the contestant’s booths.

More details than you need to know.

I’m staring to lose track of what I’ve used for photo equipment over the years so would like to get it down before I forget entirely. This won’t be a comprehensive list by any means, but I can come back and add to it as I remember details.

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