Arizona ‘Best of’ video.

Arizona ‘Best of’ video. You will probably have to click play, then pause it for a while for it to buffer (depending on the download speed). Or you could right click this link and do ‘save as’ to save the entire file to your computer (probably the best option if you don’t mind waiting a […]

Dancing on the Edge

This 2 minute clip is from a hike I did in Zion National park. The Hidden Canyon trail starts at the bottom of the park and switchbacks all the way up to the rim. This one section was very exposed, just inches from a 1,000′ drop. For best viewing, click on the HD link for […]

Still life in video

A stream in Putney Vermont made a very relaxing scene.

NEMBA Bike Polo July 16 2011

1st annual Brattleboro-Keene NEMBA bike polo match. This is the final point of the first match. The score is tight as the pros charge forth to defend the honor of their team. Skin has been bruised, blood has been bled, beer has been drunk. Fortunately, no bones (or bikes) have been broken… yet.

Falling Water on Stickney Brook

Interesting fall of water on Stickney brook in Dummerston, VT. The way the water pooled above this point caused an intermittent flush of water over this rock. I was there taking still photos, but decided that this feature was much better when you could see the motion.

Timelapse, Main Street in Brattleboro

This is my 3rd attempt at timelapse. 1 second exposure at 5 second intervals at dusk. If I do it again, I’d take the exposures a bit closer together so there is more continuity between images…

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