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Please use the links below to select which section you would like to visit. Most new photos are added to the new photo gallery section, so for the best chance to see what I’ve been up to recently go there.

  • Showcase. Where I post individual photos of mine that I enjoy along with a bit of discussion about where I found them, what I like about the image, and any technical issues involved.



  • Photography. General photos as I take them. See what I’ve done lately. Some good, some not-so-good, sometimes just a general talk about photography or camera gear.


  • Phone Photos. Uploads of photos directly from my phone camera.


  • Shoots. Albums of special events and multi-photo shoots.


  • You can always return to this page via the menu at the top of every page, or use the other drop-down menus to navigate to other sections.


Tip: You can click on most of the photos on this site to see them in a larger size. When finished, click on the larger image to close it.

Here are some photos from my ‘Showcase’ gallery. Click on any thumbnail to see the full image, or use the ‘Showcase’ link above to see the photos with text.



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